Wisdom of Aging

A simple definition of Wisdom is Knowledge plus Experience. Unfortunately, we don't always give ourselves credit for the wisdom accumulated as we age. We live in a culture that idolizes youth and thinness, with billions of dollars going to selling us on the idea that we should want to remain forever youthful and thin. At the same time, we are told we should accept and like ourselves, to take care of ourselves and do what we want to do. How do we juggle these conflicting messages, while trying to make sense or our own changing bodies, changing roles, relationships, facing empty nests or caring for aging parents? How do we recognize and rely on our own wisdom in light of these messages? I work from a Mindfulness perspective, helping one become aware of the many messages, both external and internal, that drive our thoughts and emotions as we age. I believe that recognizing these messages allows us to challenge them and to turn toward our own internal wisdom, enabling us to more easily embrace our Selves as we grow and change physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Licensed Professional Counselor