Depression and Anxiety

Whether struggling with an intense depressive episode or a mild, but chronic case of the blues, depression can negatively effect all aspects of one's life. Anxiety can be normal, and even productive at times, such as when preparing for an important presentation or facing a dangerous situation. Anxiety becomes a problem, however, when fear and worry are either chronic or reach a level of intensity that becomes disruptive to one's life. Many times, depression and anxiety go hand in hand and it can be hard to determine which came first, or how to get out of either.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to treatment of depression and/or anxiety. I use an integrated approach tailored to meet your specific needs, selectively integrating cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, dialectical behavioral (DBT) and family systems approaches, in an effort to help reduce suffering and to promote attitude and behavior change that can enhance the quality of life and prevent a recurrence of symptoms. Sometimes the symptoms of depression and anxiety are debilitating enough that medication is necessary to provide enough relief to then work in therapy. I work with a number of physicians and can make referrals for medication evaluations as needed.
Licensed Professional Counselor