I am new at this - What is my first step?

Your first step is to call me and leave a message on my voice mail, giving me your name, phone number, if you were referred by someone, and when I might be able to reach you.

My voice mail is confidential and messages may be left for me at any time.

I regularly check for messages, and make every effort to respond personally to calls within 24 hours during the business week.

During our first phone conversation, you may want to briefly explain to me why you are seeking counseling (example: “My doctor thinks I'm depressed and need to see someone”, or “My friend told me you work with eating disorders and my daughter is not eating enough”). We will talk about fees, and how to determine what your insurance will cover. We will then schedule an appointment.

Will I be able to use my insurance?

I am on the panel of United Health Care and Carolina Behavioral Health Association. If you are insured by either of these, you will be responsible for a copayment at each session, and I will then file for the remainder. For most other insurance companies, I am covered as an out-of-network provider. I ask that you pay me directly, and I will provide you with a statement that you can then file with your insurance carrier. Different companies have different reimbursement plans, so if you choose to use insurance, I suggest you check your Plan's policies ahead of time. The following questions can be a helpful guide when talking to your insurance or managed care company:

Am I covered for outpatient psychotherapy?
If so, do I have a deductible? How much?
Do I need an authorization to see a therapist? If so, how do I get that?
Is there a maximum amount my insurance will pay per year?
Are there a maximum number of visits per year?
How do I file my own claim? Where do I get a claim form?

Will I need to fill out paperwork?

I ask that you complete a Patient Information form and a Credit Card form before your first visit. You may download these forms and bring them with you, or, if unable to complete them ahead of time, I will have them available for you when you arrive.

What should I expect for my first session?

A typical therapy session is 45-50 minutes. Please plan on another 5 - 10 minutes for payment processing and the scheduling of your next appointment.

During your first visit, you and I will discuss what, as you understand it, has brought you to counseling. In a flow of natural conversation, I will gather information pertaining to your current situation, as well as your background and lifestyle leading up to the present.

I will then summarize what we have discussed, and suggest a treatment plan. The treatment plan will be very individualized to your specific nature and need. The treatment plan may include “homework” such as reading, keeping a journal, or consulting with other professionals. We may come up with specific goals for your therapy. Other times it may be more helpful to have the treatment plan be developed as we go along.

What are your fees for a therapy session?

Fees vary as to length of appointment time and type of therapy (individual, group, class, etc.) It is best to call me to discuss fees. If you anticipate difficulties with payment, I will be happy to discuss your concerns, so that we can find a way to work together that works for both of us.

Are there other fees in addition to the therapy session?

I do not charge for brief phone calls outside the therapy session, nor for consultations with physicians or other professionals.

I do charge for missed appointments and for cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance, unless the situation is an emergency.

Do you have a payment plan?

Unless other arrangements have been made ahead of time, payment is expected at the end of each session. I do accept credit and debit cards.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please phone my office, 336-724-1400, at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. Otherwise, you will be billed the regular fee in full.

What if I need medication?

I am not a medical doctor, so am not able to prescribe medication. However, I consult with several psychiatrists, pediatricians, gynecologists and family practice physicians, and can make referrals for medication evaluations or medication management as needed. If you are currently working with a physician who is prescribing your medication, I am happy to consult with that physician as needed.

Do you accept walk-ins?

All therapy sessions are by appointment only. Please call me at 336-724-1400, to make an appointment that works for both of our schedules.
Licensed Professional Counselor